• Todd Aaron

Vision of the Desolate Mountain (America)

🚨 As I was praying I suddenly felt the ground shake, I look up and see a mountain rising up tall from America, yet it had no greenery on it. It was desolate as the nation became cloudy and the moon gave no light, I heard a voice, flee! flee! Lest you partake in her! Yet the other mountains across the world looked upon it and gazed with no speech waiting. I see tall mountains just as lifeless shoot up from Russia and China as I heard a voice say "patience" to them, an eery silence of wind and dust. A small black figure rose up on top of the mountain in America as flags were tethered upon it, the mountain rumbled as I felt it from the southern region of America looking upon the center. Below the mountain churches, fun, Entertainment, houses, laughter, enjoyment, and pleasure was found in colorful flatlands, across the nation, yet once the mountain shook it split in half and the dark figure rose up from between it a large black figure rose up as lifeless faces gathered around it, it rose up with a mighty arm full of strength and power and full of evil yet the world was attracted to it. I heard a voice say "warn my people to take no pleasure from any riches in this earth lest they perish" A flower sprouted up from it's body beautiful looking then became discolored then died and the wind blew it away along with the dark figure. As the wind blew the entire land of America which had color, quickly turned to dust and ashes a barren wasteland an eery breeze of silence, not a single animal, crop, or voice was found in it. I seen the mountain plunge into the sea as the mountains from Russia, China, and a smaller mountain from Iran grew larger from watching it plunge into the ocean as the seas roared..I hear a voice say "my people have forsaken me and use my name in vain, they all seek gain, the churches and synagogues have become Asherah poles and idols of Baal, they are a disgusting stench to me, I called them to return, yet they plunge further from me, I called them to repent yet they turn darker from me, they honor me with their lips yet their hearts are far from me. A nation I birthed yet they have destroyed my name I have built, for few will hear, & many perish.

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