Did you know you can be a missionary no matter where you are?



Would you enjoy being part of a greater family of believers

on a journey and mission in their own communities without ever leaving the state or country? Yes you can be a missionary in your own back yard! We will provide you all the tools necessary whether you would like to hand out cards, tracts, flyers, etc. You could even become more creative in implementing ways to raise funds and awareness of our ministry we call family. You have the freedom to choose when and where you would like to spread the word. As volunteers with our family, we are not forcing you to work, nor are you obligated! You have the flexibility to choose when and where works best for you, and your personal, family, and busy lifestyle.



Would you like to be part of a family devoted to spreading the good news of the kingdom of Yeshua/Jesus? Our street missionaries are provided with a shirt, hat, and a sign with verses and our ministry logo and website, and special made tracts in a Messianic Jewish/Christian perspective. We are seeking bold yet merciful volunteers to spread the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus who are sound in the word of God. We don't send you with a megaphone and loud speaker but rather to kindly speak to people who decide to know more about Yeshua and his saving grace. You are on the frontlines to bring people to break free from the bondage of sin and the world to come bringing them into a loving family of believers in which we will continue to instruct and teach the sound doctrine of God's word. With street missions you have the freedom to choose when and where. If you would like to be a part when opportunities present, we will fly you out to a specific city for outreaches. You are never obligated, but all we as is dedication, commitment, and prayer before accepting this opportunity. 



We have a growing community of Missionaries in specific countries. We help provide the tools and funds necessary to make sure the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus is spread and the word restored in it's original 1st century teachings. Right now we are reaching missions in Israel and North America. Our missionaries and volunteers are devoted to preaching and teaching the gospel of Yeshua with diligence and perseverance, kindness and boldness. If you have a calling to be a part of worldwide missions, we are seeking individuals who God has called who labor in prayer of anguish, those who don't have desire for TV, worldly music, sports, shopping, and luxury. Those who know the power of prayer, the spiritual warfare and gifts, who are not new believers, but those who have been trained up in the sound doctrine of God's word.



We stand on the premises of Ephesians 4:11-16 and 1 Corinthians 12. We believe all have special talents and gifts from God worthy to be utilized to glorify his kingdom. If you have a special talent in video's, editing, graphics, pictures, blogging, music, teaching, counseling, etc. As a volunteer you can use your talents to glorify God's kingdom! You can join in with making videos, pictures, teachings for our YouTube, Blog, Traveling videos and pictures, cutting and splicing already made videos to share on social media, you can help to make a presence for the Ocean Wave family ministry while spreading the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus. If you have a videography and editing talent you may also have the privilege of traveling. You are free to add your creative ideas and talents, with the flexibility to work when and where you want. 

Mountain Lake


If you would like any ministry materials like tracts, bibles, shirts, or anything related to outreach please email us at info@oceanwaveministries.com Anyone who volunteers, requests, or donates to receive tracts/cards, sign, etc. We are not responsible for the actions and solicitation on private property or damaging someone's personal property, nor are we held reliable to where where these/tracts cards are placed. Please be mindful and respectful of others and what belongs to them. We are to be courteous of personal property and belongings with a full representation of Jesus/Yeshua and our organization. We expect you to fully uphold our image with diligence and care. Thank You!