Prophecy of Trump, Biden, Harris

🔹05/03/2020 With everything going on it's clear 2 Thessalonians 2 that the man of LAWLESSNESS is being revealed along with all the false preachers who didn't love the truth. The man of LAWLESSNESS and all who are lawless in later days he will remove. 2 Thess 2:7-8 AT THE RETURN OF MESSIAH. The Righteous wheat will remain with the tares, until the harvest, God will send out his angels and remove the wicked in an instant and throw them in hell, where then the Righteous will instantly receive their glorified bodies....

🔹 Yet during prayer I seen even more separation that will occur and more delusions. The ones posting black boxes, God has caused to do so as a physical example of ones not with him. Yet even more will be revealed by many who didn't post it. For their love of money and the world will be revealed with teachings of Pre-Trib Rapture and like theories and those they associate with and later cause to submit to these agendas in solidarity (watch for that word)

🔹 I seen a black figure rise up between NYC and DC given power by the United Nations to rule the people and nation's. I seen what appeared to be a black president/or spirit rise up. The black power movement will be given power by world leaders, United Nations, corporations, pastors, organizations, and many peoples meanwhile still being controlled by rulers over them which will result in greater destruction of many races later on. It will rule the nation's and eventually turn against Israel as Jews will not be able to return to Israel in later days. Christian's and Jews will be highly persecuted that do not bow down to their system and support them. They will continue to use manipulation methods to control society who never delighted in the truth of God's word nor forsaken their sins and forgiven their transgressors in the past. I seen screams and terror of all those who supported these movements in later days, as God is giving people over to believe what is false and allow evil to manifest in their hearts and minds by the devil. A greater enemy will rise up along with a pestilence of a disease, and even greater disasters by weather by God's allowing from his almighty hand.

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