Prophecy of Trump & Biden

God woke me up and said "Go pray" as I am in prayer I am given a vision of Trump with a wheelbarrow, putting envelopes into it standing next to Biden. I them see a golden oscar statue rise up on the right side of the white house with trump supporters, God's people, and multitudes, praising and cheering while on the left side a silver Oscar statue with Biden supporters all cheering and praising...I hear "what do you see?" I said "I don't understand it" then it was revealed. I hear the voice say, "I am allowing both sides to be led astray, but you keep speaking what I tell you and remain focused on me" He showed me how enemies will come against us, and how Israel is uniting with both candidates. Something much more evil is rising up in Israel as I seen a man smile and suddenly have teeth of a lion, razor sharp then enemies coming against the world, America, Israel, and it's allies. I seen behind the white house on a hill very powerful people smiling and laughing at everything going on, while those inside the White House which looked like Kamala, Pence, Obama, and many others it was hard to tell. I hear a voice "the world is set in order, the masses are being deceived and played" I hear "the time of God's judgement is near, for they honor me with their lips, but they do not know me" "I asked what are in those letters?" And heard "it's sealed up"

Search YouTube Ocean Wave Ministries for more past prophecies. -Todd Aaron- Posted November 14, 2020

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