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We value each and everyone who joins in partnership with our family with support and love. You can quickly help make a difference with an easy charitable contribution, 100% of the proceeds go to helping the ministry and spreading the true gospel of Yeshua/Jesus (See bottom of page for more testimonials of how lives are being changed and impacted). You can be a part of our family today, and it's because of your generosity and commitment for the kingdom of God that you have made all things possible. Thank You! We hope that you make a decision to join us today as your gift will immediately be put to work. Join over 500 donors from America, Israel, Europe, UAE, Australia, & Canada in 2019. 50% gave over $50 while 10% gave over $400. A reoccurring gift of as little as $10 a month can make an incredible impact today.





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"I am so thankful for this ministry and Todd Aaron, by your words and teachings I have been set free from sin and found salvation. I have a new life in Yeshua which I have never found in all the churches I have ever attended. God Bless you and your ministry."

-Jessica, San Diego, CA US-

 "I just want to thank Yeshua for this movement of reaching people with the word of God. I'm personally blessed by this ministry. God bless you so much looking forward to having you add Africa in your programs starting with Kenya."

-Allen, Kenya, Africa-

"I am blessed by your ministry and God's servant Todd Aaron, what you all are doing is amazing, you have taught the restoration of the gospels in such a way my fire and faith has been revived. I have been to many churches, yet I always felt empty. I am finally full with the spirit of God and a power to live holy! Thank You!"

-Heather, Seattle, Washington, US-

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  • Helping Mother's with Babies & Necessities supporting Pro-Life

  • Buying tracts and materials for those who can't afford it to spread the gospel

  • Providing Bibles & Necessities for the disadvantaged to help hear the gospel with love

  •  Missions & Outreaches


Your ministry has allowed me to further identify with the God of Israel, with Yeshua as my Savior. I see that the desire of our Creator is to bring His creation into His eternal instructions. Thank you for your obedience to Hashem, I am eternally grateful.

-Keylanni, Miami, FL, US-

"You have helped me grow tremendously, I have learned so much about Yeshua and the true messiah and his saving grace. I am overwhelmed with joy and love with a peace that surpasses all understanding. I Thank You so much brother Aaron!"

-Marissa, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN-

"Your messages are powerfully anointed by the spirit of God, I am convicted mightily by each and every teaching of yours. Todd I have spread your messages and ministry to family and friends and many love you just as much as me. God bless you greatly in Yeshua's name!"

-Layla, England, United Kingdom-